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  • Auto Paint & Rust Removal

    Auto Paint & Rust Removal

    Our system completely removes paint, rust & chloride, leaving a paint ready surface.

  • Anti Fouling Paint Removal

    Anti Fouling Paint Removal

    Removes old anti fouling paint without damaging the gel coat.

  • Residential Cleaning

    Residential Cleaning

    Removes paint, weather build up and stains on any surface around your home.

  • Industrial Cleaning

    Industrial Cleaning

    NO DUST... Therefore, we can do it anywhere without closing the establishments.

  • Residential Cleaning

    Residential Cleaning

    Removes dirt, grime, mold, and stains.

Safe on Most Surfaces

Perfect for restoring all types of surface including wood, metal, bricks, concrete and much more.


Our system uses 100% recycled glass media. Our machine is DUST FREE and can be used anywhere.

Fast & Effective

No sanding or grinding. Our sand blasting equipment cleans any surface in no time.

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